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Bimarck Mpieri
Bismarck Mpieri School of Ministery

Our Vision & Mission

“To gather a miraculous harvest of souls; equipping and maturing them by faith in Christ for the fulfilment of their life purpose so as to accomplish the great commission and magnify God”

“Only heavenly minded people equipped with heavenly strategies and purpose could realise heavenly dreams”

History of the Church
To God alone be all the Glory, great things He has done!
Before talking about how the church started, it might be necessary to first say a few things about the couple God used to initiate this vision.

Pastor Bismarck Mpieri became born again in 1984 while he was studying at the College of Technology Nekede, Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. While and became a member of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries (CRM), the ministry through which he got saved.

When he later gained admission to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nigeria Nsukka Nigeria, in 1984, he continued to identify himself with the Campus Fellowship of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries called the NCCS. (National Catholic Charismatic Students). It was there that he later met Maureen who came to the University a few years later to study Modern Languages but they never got close until after Bismarck’s graduation when God spoke to him concerning her.

While on Campus, he served in various departments and capacities, ranging from the Evangelism, follow-up and prayer units. He was later admitted into the Core Group (Leadership) and was made the head of the follow up unit. From there, he rose to become the Campus fellowship pastor in his final year.

While carrying out the National Youth Service in Rivers State, he was appointed by the National Core Group of CRM to pastor a newly established church in Rivers State as a missionary.

At the end of his tenure, Bismarck relocated to Lagos where he worked as a project Manager in an Oil Service Company.
While in Nigeria, Pastor Bismarck participated in various missionary and prayer programmes of the ministries and grew to become one of the names that ring a bell in CRM. He later left for Germany in 1994 for further studies.

Pastor Maureen on the other hand made the best result in her local government and was recommended to the Federal School of Arts and Science Aba by the then Imo State Commissioner for Education, Prof. Afigbo for further studies. While at FEDSAS Aba, she got saved in 1986 through a personal call by God while lying on her double bunk dormitory bed. This happened on 7th June 1986 and she became filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues exactly a week later.

While at FEDSAS Aba, she desired to study Law and worked very hard to achieve that aim. Even though the her fellow students who were taught and coached for the JAMB (the university entrance examination) met the requirements for law, she barely missed it by just a few points and therefore decided to retake the exam as she did not want to read any other course. She could not understand how that could happen to her but it will later became clear that it was God intervening to order the course of her life to Germany, the country where He has an assignment for her.

The University of Nigeria Nsukka which was the University of her choice sent her an admission letter to come and study Modern languages, which was her second choice but she turned down the offer. A friend of her mum’s later came to the house and encouraged them to go and register and postpone the admission. During the registration, they were advised that she could study that course for one year and later change over to Law so she consented and began to study only French since the German class was already full. However, out of curiosity, she visited German language classes very often and was attracted to the lecturer who was astonished at the high speed at which she was learning the language. As a result, the teacher, Prof. Mrs. Ihekweazu became very fond of her and gave her materials to use to study at home.

After one year, she grew to love the German language so much but still wanted to read law so she prayed a prayer and said: “God, if you want me to read law, let my department release me when I will submit the request, but if not, let them refuse and let Prof. Mrs. Ihekweazu be the one you will use for this purpose”.

Maureen who was a devout catholic had a great burden to minister to Catholics so when she got to the University, she diligently searched for a ministry with this vision. She was shown a Charismatic fellowship meeting inside the church but she was not satisfied until she found and joined the CRM campus fellowship meeting at the Engineering Block. It was there she met Brother Bismarck for the first time, who at that time, was already a strong member of the follow-up unit. She grew to become a praise and worship leader, a house fellowship leader, the General Bible Studies Coordinator.

She was equally elected into the Core group and later became the Women’s Leader before she graduate. She met Bismarck again while serving as a National Youth Corper at the Goethe Institute Lagos and it was during this time that they became close and got engaged after going passing through the rigorous tests of the CRM marriage committee. While in Lagos, they were both active members of the CRM Lagos. He was in the leadership circle while she served as a counsellor, a house fellowship leader and a Child Evangelist and also started a children’s bible club at the Satellite Town in Lagos. One day during a Sunday service in Lagos, God told her that she will work at the Nigerian Embassy in Germany but she kept it to herself.

Just like Bismarck, Maureen was a regular participant among others, in the Ministry’s various holiday missionary programmes in various remote villages in Nigeria and served faithfully both in the kitchen, in the evangelism team, in the children’s department and as a bible study teacher, while in the mission fields. She also attended and completed the Children Evangelism course programme of the Children Evangelism Ministry in Nigeria and later formed children’s bible clubs.

At the end of the first year, she made the best result in the French class but tendered her request to be released to go and study law. She went to see the Dean of the law faculty who was impressed after interviewing her and promised to take her if her department would release her. She prayed very intensively with the some other CRM brethen that the perfect will of God be done. The Modern Languages department had a meeting to discuss her issue and during the meeting, everyone else with the exception of Prof. Mrs. Ihekweazu consented to her release who stood vehemently against it and since she was the head of the department, others had to succumb so instead of changing over to law, Maureen changed from French Major to French /German Combined Honours, with Russian as elective.

In her 3rd year, she came to Germany on a German government scholarship for an exchange programme, as is the usual practice. Before she left Nigeria, she fasted and prayed intensively that God would use her to leave a foot print in Germany and it happened because within the 8 months she spent in Germany, she founded a church with the cooperation of her friend, Mireille Aduke Akan who she was mentoring.

The Church is still existing today in Saabrucken and is called “The Conner Stone Revival Church”. It is one of the largest Pentecostal congregations in Saarbrucken, Saarland, today. Before the church was started, a German Lady got a word from the Lord for her, during a Sunday service in a German Pentecostal Church she was attending. The lady said she has been called by God to serve Him as an Evangelist and that but was still in the preparatory stage. Before she left Germany, she was invited by that lady and her husband for dinner and while praying the lady said: As we were praying, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw you as you went back to Nigeria and came back again to Germany for Evangelism.” She said, “See you in two years time.

Maureen went back to Nigeria and at the end of her studies at UNN, she made the best result and was awarded the German government scholarship again to come back to Germany for any course of her choice, so in September 1993, she retuned to Germany, after her traditional and court marriage, to study Translation at the Germersheim Faculty of the University of Mainz. Bismarck gained admission to study at the University of Kaiserslautern , so he later came to Germany in October 1994, rejecting so many attractive offers to work in renowned oil Companies. They finally wedded in the church on 10th December of the same year and started living together.

While on their various campuses in Germany, they were part of the leadership of the German students campus fellowship of their various campuses and later started their own international house fellowship in their apartment which was attended by students from various nationalities, including Germans, Americans Asians etc. Parallel to that, they regularly visited German and Russian churches but were committed members of an International church where Bismarck was a member of the leadership and Maureen the Women’s leader. She was well known and was sometimes invited to speak in some churches and in women’s conventions.

They were later asked to become pastors of the church when the then presiding American Pastor was leaving but they turned down the offer as they did not get any confirmation from God to that effect. Many students got saved through the house fellowship but they had to close it after 5 years as Bismarck has to move to Berlin for a Masters Degree programme while Maureen who had just successfully completed her Master Degree Programme in Translation got an employment at the Nigerian Embassy and had to move to Bonn. For the short time she was in Bonn, she an active member of Centrum Lebendiges Wort (Center of the Living Word) a living church under the leadership of Pastor Mario Wanschaffe, with over 300 members from 40 different nationalities.

She served as interpreter and participated in the morning prayer meetings. She was also an active member of the Aglow Women while in Bonn. She later left Bonn for Berlin 7 months later following the movement of the Embassy to Berlin and that was a divine arrangement because it was an opportunity for her to join her husband with their daughter, Virtue who was born during her final year in Germersheim. While in Berlin, Bismarck was actively serving God in a German church but also kept a house fellowship in his room, just like they did in Germersheim. Many students who attended were being blessed.

Shortly before the movement to Berlin in the year 2000, the Lord had spoken to them about starting a ministry but they were reluctant to take action as they were waiting for concrete instructions and directions from God. in very miraculous ways. the meanwhile they decided to join a local church, instead of just sitting and waiting, so they joined the CCOM (Christian Church Outreach Mission) Berlin where they both later became Sunday School teachers. They were both Sunday school teachers. Maureen also served as an interpreter and in the praise and worship team.

In June 2001 that God spoke concretely to Bismarck while doing a holiday job at the BMW and he came home and shared the vision with the wife. They invited their pastor, Pastor Kingsley Nimo and his wife to their house for dinner and disclosed the vision to them. The Pastor took it well but asked them not to tell anyone else and to give him time to pray through. They obeyed and continued to serve in the church, CCOM Berlin, until after about 5 months later when the pastor became convinced that God was calling them and then willingly released them. They were called out and blessed and when their Bishop, Cosmas Ilechkuwu, the General Overseer and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Adeola Illechukwu came to Germany last year in November to ordain them as pastors and inaugurate the ministry, Pastor Nimo and his wife were equally present at the occasion.

The Church started like a mustard seed, with only, the family of Bismarck Mpieri and that of Daniel Chikezie who felt led by God to join them. Stanley Uzoma from the Nigerian Embassy also joined from day one as the first convert and gradually the Church began to grow. Initially, the church was having only Sunday services and all night prayers every Friday night.

Today, God has added many more souls and able workers and our weekly activities have now increased in strength and number. The church which started with only two families now sometimes counts more than a hundred and twenty (120) in a Sunday Service.

Everything about the origin of the church is a miracle. In every step, Bismarck and Maureen took time to pray and seek God face and even the name ‘Jesus’ Miracle Harvest Church’ was given by God. They cannot explain how they got to this stage. All they have been doing is seek God’s face and obey simple instructions from Him and watch Him do things HIMSELF. It is a misery to Bismarck, how he was able to single-handedly buy almost all the musical instruments (with the exception of the drums which were donated by Minister Bassey as God led him) with the little money he earned from a holiday job.

How the meeting venue was found is also a miracle. After searching in vain for a long time, Bismarck became tired and God told him one day to leave his house and go to Moritzplatz. He did and God directed him to the street ‘Stallschreiberstr. And led him into this building and into this hall. Initially, they requested for a huge amount of money as weekly rent but after prayers and assurance from God that this is the venue he Has chosen, he decided to obey and bear the consequences and miraculously the rent was drastically reduced to the extent that what we pay monthly became less that what was initially demanded as weekly rent.

The first wedding of the Church held on Was between Torsten Winkler and our beloved sister, Juliet Winkler né Isibor.

The first baby boy of the church, baby Daniel Toochukwu Chikezie was dedicated on September 2004 while the first baby girl, Esosa was dedicated on 24th 26th October 2004

Today again, we are having another baby dedication. The church has true to its name, proved to be a place of miracles and harvest of blessings. Time will fail us to enumerate all the miracles and blessings God has mercifully showered His people with, in this ministry.

The purpose of these narrations is not for a show but to portray how God right from the beginning ordered the lives and footsteps of these two people to bring them to this country to serve Him. Even the name Bismarck given to our pastor by his father at birth is the name of a great German Chancellor who made Germany a nation and brought about many positive changes, especially to the detriment of the less privileged, during his tenure. All these couldn’t have been mere coincidences. It is necessary for you to hear all these so that you can know that you are at the right place at this right time. These two people did not start a church because they felt like doing so. Theirs is a ministry borne out of God’s leading, direction, patient waiting upon God and obedience to both God and spiritual authorities. Till today, they are still submissive to their General Overseer, a great spiritual father who we are highly privileged to have in our midst today.

Saints of God, we are here to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this great church started by the great God. Let us all join hands together to continue to build this house of God for He will surely reward abundantly. Faithful is HE who has called us and who also will do it.

When God initially spoke to Pastors Bismarck and Maureen ministry, it seemed impossible as the needed resources were not available but God miraculously provided and is still providing through many of you present here today. When you look around, you can see the evidences. Just take a look at the stage decorations, the curtains, the pulpit, the carpets, flowers, the cleanliness and tidiness of the entire hall, the food that has been prepared and so many other great labours of love which eyes cannot see. These are the contributions of all of you. Just as Aaron and Hur lifted up the hands of Moses, so have you all been lifting up the hands of pastor Bismarck so that this vision will be realised. It has indeed been a team work and you all are the real heroes. God will indeed never forget your labours of love but will reward you abundantly.

The purpose of this church is to gather a miraculous harvest of souls as is stated in Luke 10:2, a harvest that one will look at and say that only God, could have done this and no man can take the glory or honour to himself. That is why the name is Jesus’ Miracle Harvest Church. We believe in a miraculous harvest of souls and that can only be done by Jesus. We also believe that when they souls come, they will harvest miracles every single day of their lives. If you find yourself here today, you are a part of that harvest. Also know that God has called you specifically to this great work and as we continue to work together, we believe that through God’s miraculous interventions and provisions, Germany will be saved and that is our main target.

The summary of the vision of this ministry is the love the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our strength and with all your minds and to teach others to do so.

Our Mission statement which is hanging over there on the wall says:
“to gather a miraculous harvest of souls; equipping them by faith in Christ for the fulfilment of their life’s purposes so as to accomplish the great commission and magnify God”

and don’t forget the words of our pastor: "only heavenly minded people, equipped with heavenly strategies and purpose could realise heavenly dreams."

To God alone be all the Glory who has done all these things!

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